Corey Laughary, Pastor

Pastor Corey was raised in Spokane, WA. He completed a history degree at Whitworth College and attended seminary at Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary (Now Palmer Theological Seminary) in Philadelphia, PA. He was ordained by the American Baptist Conference in 2007 and has served as pastor of Palouse Federated Church since 2004. Corey and his wife, Tina, have three children.

You can contact Pastor Corey at:

          (509) 878-1509 | Church Office

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Hua Ming (Wha-Ming) Newman, Worship Arts & Tech Assistant/Youth Leader

Hua Ming was born in China, then in 2004 was brought to America by his adoptive parents, Connie and Erik Newman.  Hua Ming has two older sisters Erika and Katryna. Hua Ming has endured many surgeries throughout his life – from his feet to his jaw, but he has persevered through it all with a positive and encouraging attitude and an enduring faith.  He graduated high school in 2020, and now attends Spokane Community College. In addition to his work at the church, Hua Ming also drives the school bus for Gar-Pal Schools.  He enjoys helping others and playing video games in his free time. A couple of his favorite verses are Romans 12:21 and Matthew 6:34.

You can contact Hua Ming at:

          (509) 878-1509 (Church Office)

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Tim Sievers

Tim was raised in Clarkston, MI. He has a degree in history and political science from Greenville University in Greenville, IL.  Additionally, Tim has a nonprofit best-practices management certificate from Saginaw Valley State University in University Center, MI.  Tim has experience in public relations, fundraising, nonprofit management and church ministry.  Tim and his wife, Tracy Lee, have three children.

You can contact Tim at:

          (509) 878-1509 | Church Office

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