Palouse Federated Church is an interdenominational Christian church born out of the coming together of the Methodist, Baptist and Presbyterian churches of Palouse, WA. Respect for people from other Christian traditions has been a hallmark of our community since our founding and remains an important part of who we are today. At Palouse Federated Church, you will find diversity and respect coupled with the hospitality and kindness of our small town.

Our mission:  Depending on Jesus to Restore our [Imperfect] Lives

We all struggle with imperfection. God’s story, our story, is one of restoration. We desire for our imperfect lives to be made whole again and God’s deepest desire is to restore us. At Palouse Federated Church we invite you to come as you are. We offer a safe place where you can start or continue your journey of restoration.

Palouse Federated Church Contact Information and Staff

     Contact Information

     Rev. Corey Laughary, Pastor

     Kimberly Edwards, Admin

     Hua Ming Newman, Youth and Children’s Ministry, Head of Technology