Whatever your stage of life – single, young parents, empty-nesters, retirees (or somewhere in between) – there are common issues we all face. Relationships, jobs and the routine of life all challenge us to look to God for the wisdom and strength to live well. We all want to connect with God throughout the week, not just on Sundays, and have friendships that encourage our spiritual growth every day of life. Our adult Bible study groups meet weekly and do just that. These groups provide opportunities to meet people and build relationships, and study God’s Word to help navigate whatever life throws your way. Take a step today and get involved – You’ll be glad you did!


     8:15 AM | Mom’s Bible Study & Parenting Class at PFC | *Childcare Provided
     2 PM | Ladies Bible Study at the Parsonage


     5:30 AM | Men’s Way Too Early Bible Study at PFC
     10 AM | New Testament Bible Study at PFC | *Childcare Available Upon Request
          The Reformation – Part 1
             The Christian Reformation Part 1: Backstory (Pause playback of audio at [3:26] and watch this video)

          The Reformation – Part 2
            What Was The Reformation All About? (Pause playback of audio at [1:41] and watch this video)

          The Reformation – Part 3 (Pause playback of audio at [2:45] and watch the videos below.)
The Five Solas Song
            The Five Solas Series – Matthew Barrett


     9 AM | Ladies Bible Study at PFC
      6:30 PM (First Wednesdays Only) | Starting Point: Bible
      An introduction to reading and understanding the Bible